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Aging and Shelf Life

after long time not posting.                  

Aging and Shelf Life  on ERP Conceptual or general concept. here is so many confuse if you are not clear about the concept .i'd like to explain a bit about this word.
when we call aging time so you can think about  car painting when you do the production process for painting and you have to wait for some time or day that we call aging time but in general ERP we call finishing time but this will support only scheduling but for real life we can't control the worker so we can make the work around function to receipt the goods to  dedicate warehouse  after completed aging they can move to inventory location . this is aging time. next is Shelf Life.

Shelf Life the meaning is best before eat... this is simple for your understanding but if you talking about shelf life you have to thing how to process picking stock by shelf life normally we will call FIFO first in first out but you are working in food business you want do the FEFO first e…

WMS Dynamic Pick profit

WMS Dynamic Pick profit

if you are facing the problem when system allocated and then you can't pick that LPN so this problem you can fixed by used the Dymamic pick function because system will allocated only Location but not fixed LPN so you can pick LPN as you want so normally , you will used this function when the location type is Bulk stage .