Monday, April 25, 2011

Setup Program Syteline ERP 8.0 on Windows XP

Setup Program Syteline ERP 8.0 on Windows XP
This is Wizard will guide you through the configuration process.

1. Select Create Syteline Database (will guide you to Create Syteline Database)
Select IDO Request Web Service.
Infor Task manager Service.
Click Next.

2. Key in user name and password of Domain or machine.

3.Click Next .

4. This screen use to create Syteline database.

5. Select Database Type.
Initialized Application Database (blank database only Table Structure).
Demo Application Database (included sample data for testing program).

Click Next.

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Install Program Syteline ERP 8.0 on Windows XP

Install Program Syteline ERP 8.0 on Windows XP
Hi, I'd like to present the step to install program Syteline ERP 8.0 on Windows XP or well know about Install Syteline ERP Stand alone.It will help you to much to testing and learning about ERP concept because you can testing program anywhere,if you have Laptop so let starting the step now.

1. After insert CD Program to CD Rom Drive.Double Click On Setup.exe .

2. Choose on Database Server , Utility Server and Client .
I choosed Database Server and Utilty Server to same installation because i used only server machine (XP). Click on Install Infor ERP SL 8.01

3.Starting Installation Wizard. Click Next.

4.Recheck features to install.Click Next

5.Click Next
6.Finish to Install Program Syteline ERP 8.0 on Windows XP step 1 (Install program)

Go to Setup Program Syteline ERP 8.0 on Windows XP

Friday, April 8, 2011

วิธีแ้ก้ปัญหา Visual Studio Just-In Time Debugger Error

วิธีแ้ก้ปัญหา ,How to solve the Visual Studio Just-In_Time Debugger Error

I have found the error after i have installed the VS .Net 2005 on Windows XP3 and then this error will pop up all the time when i use my computer so i try to find out the solution so finally,I have found the solution follow by this below.

When you have encounter this error ,Plase try to below step:

1.Go to Event View -> System -> check for check what the error ,look at error source.
2. From No.1 , I think , you will encounter about .Net problem.
3. Check current version of .Net frame work on your machine.
4. Reinstall .Net Fram work relate to that on your machine.
5.Restart Computer.

Or If you have installed the Crystal Report 2008 so Should be reinstall Crystal Report 2008 againg.

Thank you.

Aging and Shelf Life

after long time not posting.                   Aging and Shelf Life  on ERP Conceptual or general concept. here is so many confuse if you ...