Saturday, December 11, 2010

วิธีการ Install MS SQL Server 2005 (3)

วิธีการ Install MS SQL Server 2005 (3)

Okay. Let go to continue the installation Sql Server 2005 .Finally of SQL Installation .

11. Service Account . I'd like to advised you to select the option same the picture below.

Note: if you have found the error below . you must to do that same step number 11 but change the service name.

12. Authentication Mode : you should select hen Mixe mode is better because you can use 2 method for login to sql server .

13. fill in then Password. the policy same Window . you can used "Passw@rd" first after you change the it.

14. select the default Collation Settings .you can choosed same below.

15. Next

16.Click install Button for start "Install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup"

17. Waitng utill the status display Setup Finished.

18.Completed installation Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup.

Completed the Install MS SQL Server 2005 .Thank you for your visit. next time i will write the configure for used the MS SQL Server 2005 advance setup.
I have writed this blog because i want to share idea for everybody and i'd like to see everybody share too. Thank you.

Hope you enjoy my blog. Krab.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

วิธีการ Install MS SQL Server 2005 (2)

วิธีการ Install MS SQL Server 2005 (2)

Okay , Let to continue to Install MS SQL Server 2005 or Install MS SQL Express

7.The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup check the system configuration so may be you have found the error .all most the error about requirement of hard ware and need to your windows xp or other os shoud be install the iis server first so you can install the iis from Component of window included in the CD Installation . finally the status must be display "Success" . after that click the Next button for go to the next step.

8. the Program promt for need you fill in the CD key and name.if you finish that after that click Next.

9.Choose the MS SQL Server 2005 Component you need to install .basicly choose sam the below shoud be Okay for the basicly becauase the reporting servic not used for the basicly that useful when you need to do about BI.

10. Choose the instance name meaning is your name of server or other you need to install one machine but need to install many instance you can select on the "name instance " and then fill in the server name follow by your require after that click on the button next.

วิธีการ Install MS SQL Server 2005 (1)

วิธีการ Install MS SQL Server 2005 Or How to Install MS SQL Server 2005
Hi, Today is holiday so i have time for write the step for install sql server 2005 and Sql server express ,Okay ,Let go . Below is step

1. Restart your machine first.
2. Insert the CD or DVD Program to Reader or go to path of program Install MS SQL Server 2005 and duble clike on Setup.exe
3.the program will Display screen below for confirm you about the agreement .the finally you should Tick the Accept on the "I accept the licensing terms and condition"

4. Show the picture after Tick on that box and then you must to click on the Next Button >>

5. MS SQL Server 2005 will check the component so you can click for next step

6. MS SQL Server 2005 ready to Installation .

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