Friday, April 8, 2011

วิธีแ้ก้ปัญหา Visual Studio Just-In Time Debugger Error

วิธีแ้ก้ปัญหา ,How to solve the Visual Studio Just-In_Time Debugger Error

I have found the error after i have installed the VS .Net 2005 on Windows XP3 and then this error will pop up all the time when i use my computer so i try to find out the solution so finally,I have found the solution follow by this below.

When you have encounter this error ,Plase try to below step:

1.Go to Event View -> System -> check for check what the error ,look at error source.
2. From No.1 , I think , you will encounter about .Net problem.
3. Check current version of .Net frame work on your machine.
4. Reinstall .Net Fram work relate to that on your machine.
5.Restart Computer.

Or If you have installed the Crystal Report 2008 so Should be reinstall Crystal Report 2008 againg.

Thank you.

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