Thursday, December 15, 2016

SyteLine Mulit License Setup

Syteline ERP Multi site setup
this solution is support the case if you want to restore database from live to test database but your environment is setup for mulit site so can't do direct way ,like backup and restore so you need to do by below step.
1) Restore database
2) Create SyteLine Config as per your require.
3) Log in to SyteLine with old site name at new config
4) go to form : change site , you have top tick regenereate row pointer.
5) go to config manager to change site to new site as per your created
6) go to Infor config wizard , add for muli site setup
7) log in to new config : go to intranet form and add intranet name : SHARED (or same as master site)
8) set replication role to add SiteAdmin both site.
9) go to master site : manual replicate : siteAdmin .
10) go to new config and go to form site : at the your config , you have to tick internet licensing.
11) you can log in with share licensing now.

Have fun. .....

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