Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to create schedule backup sql server 2005 (Cont 2)

How to create | Creating | Build | schedule backup sql server 2005 | sql server 2008

6. you can Right Click or Double on the Task below.
if you Right click , You must to select the Edit menu for in put the Backup Detail .

7. Fill in and Key in the input deatil
Back up type : Full if you want to backup every thing you can select other backup type by Drop Down Lit.
You don't forget to choosed the Database name ,You want to backup .

8. Setup the path for keep the backup file and Last name of Backu file (*.bak)
Finish the input the backup database detail.

9. Go to Step ,Set up the Schedule Time for the Backup
Click on My High Light in the picture.

10. Key in the Job Schedule Detail.

11. Click Save for you confirm the Schedule Time.

12. When you finish the create the Schedule Backup database so you will see same below.

13. You can waiting untill the Schedule follow by you set up or Right Click -> Exec on the Job Plan and If that finish ,You will see the Message Box below .

14. Go to the Path for keep the database backup file .

You will see the backup database file Databasename_Backup_yyyymmddd.bak

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